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It has been an exciting first year for me as President POAH Communities and a very rewarding one as I have gotten to know so many of you through my visits to all of our properties. As my understanding of the breadth of what you do expands, it only increases my respect for each of you and the work that you do. 


 The POAH Communities team – both administrative staff and site staff -- understands the complexity of managing affordable and mixed-income housing and all the details involved with this work.  But even more importantly, the POAH Communities team looks beyond the day to day work of managing our properties to ask the question “How can we improve the lives of our residents and the communities in which we work?”


I see this in the site staff's personal connections with residents when I visit properties, and when I receive thank you notes from residents (yes, there are many of them!), and when I attend events.  I recently attended a ribbon cutting event at Torringford West Apartments.  Over 50 residents and half a dozen officials gathered to celebrate the long-awaited completion of construction.   The buildings and grounds were sparkling.  The new community room, decked out with flowers and balloons was filled to capacity for a resident lunch, which was capped off with the cutting of a cake by a resident who is 101 years old. 


There are more events planned for new properties and those that are completing construction – the POAH development team has been busy!  New properties added to our portfolio include Newberry Apartments in Chicago, IL, Aaron Briggs in Providence, RI and Briston Arms in Cambridge, MA.  The POAH team has applied for new funding for a second phase at Torringford West in Connecticut and for funding for rehabilitation at Tribune Apartments.  Rodger Brown, POAH's Managing Director for Development has been in meetings in Detroit to look into opportunities there.  POAH and POAH Communities are always looking to grow so if you know about properties or owners who are considering the sale of their properties please send the information along. 


Finally, a warm welcome to Aaron Gornstein, the new President and CEO of POAH.  He has hit the ground running and is scheduled to visit all of the properties in the upcoming year.   He has been impressed with the team and the condition of our properties – kudos to all who have worked to make those visits a success.  We will miss Amy Anthony's leadership and guiding light, but she and the POAH Board of Directors have left us in good hands with Aaron. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please know that I want to hear from you and of course, you can also always communicate with Rochelle Beeks who maintains a very close connection to all of you. My best wishes to you for a great end to summer and I look forward to an active fall.




Patricia L. Belden  



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